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About TopVid

Welcome to TopVid.tv, when you open this, it means you have just opened a world that full of videos and fantasy! Are you ready to explore it? We Provide All kinds of videos, no matter the funny videos or the real time news, whatever you want , all can be searched on our APP. Video shoot function: don’t know how to record the best of your life and share with your friend? Just use TopVid, Only one step, you can enjoy the easy video shooting and various kinds of Filters are waiting for you to choose. Take a nice video and share to your friends or upload to TopVid! Be famous right now! Cool and dizzy moments: See how the combination of strong rhythm and dazzling lens impact your vision, being a fashional and cool guy from now on! Immersive full screen play experience: make you more enjoyable to watch full screen videos and enjoy zero distance with the cool people Follow and interaction: Follow your favorite channels and Activate your target group followers. Want to find more? Just download TopVid and more interest are waiting for you to discover!